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Since 2012

We want to help you have the best bicycling experience possible. 

Our History

The Hanoi Bicycle Collective was started as a result of One Man’s passion for two wheels,

Guim Valls Teruel, was on a bicycle ride across the world and fell in love with a beautiful Hanoian princess who is now his wife.

The Hanoi Bicycle collective was a way for Guim to settle down and still pursue the relentless passion for bicycles.

Today, we are one of the Largest Bicycle Retail Stores in Hanoi.

the hanoi bicycle collective

We’re Your Local Bicycle Shop

We don't employ sales people

Our advice and recommendations come from experience, and not from the Marketing Departments.

The owners and each employee at THBC is a dedicated Cyclist who has mastered at least one discipline and is a student of all of them.


Quality and Experience

We don’t carry anything we wouldn’t ride. All the products we sell have one thing in common- Quality.

Driven by passion

Our Mechanics are Enthusiasts.

We’re passionate about cycling and the products we carry


Meet our staff

Guim Valls Teruel

Founder/Co-Owner @ THBC

First person to ride around the world on a solar powered Electric assisted bicycle, but found true love in Hanoi. Got married to his Vietnamese Princess in Hanoi and then cycled together to Spain. They got pregnant on the way and the rest is history.

Mountain Biker, Road Cyclist and passionate about anything with two wheels and emotions, he’s also now a triathlete.

His goal when he founded THBC was to see all Hanoians cycling one day again just like the old times.

Richard LeeCH

Co-Owner @ THBC

Participated and Finished in so many Ironmans and Ultramarathons that he himself has lost count. Funny because he’s all about those numbers. Hailing from the world of real estate, he finds peace in the suffering of endurance sports. But does he suffer really?

He thinks a 100 kms running event is just a 10km long run 10 times over.

He was actually born on a bike but had to get off it when he came to Vietnam 17 years ago as there were no roads to cycle on over here back then. Hence he started running.

Prateek Singh

Chief Bicycle Enthusiast @ THBC

And believes that he is on this planet to get people stoked to Ride.

Found himself on a bike one day far gone in the woods somewhere in the Indian Himalayas and claims has never been the same since. Does not remember life before bicycles and hailing as an Anti-lycra mountain biker, has embraced the roadie scum inside him for the past couple years and now shaves his legs and counts the grams while still enjoying some plush suspension on jagged rocks from time to time.

Giang Tran

FixedGear aficionado and passionate about the simplicity (of design)and complexity (of nature) of the bicycle.

He owns the most amazing pair of Yellow converse ever and met Antonio Colombo, the owner of Cinelli himself (while Antonio was visiting us at THBC)

Jokes aside, who began as an apprentice mechanic, is now the best bicycle surgeon in Hanoi.

Your bike cannot be in better hands.

Hoan Le

Nicknamed, “Hell”, Hoan was introduced to the Freedom bicycles bring through his friends riding around town on fixed gear bikes. Hoan discovered and fell in love with road bikes while he would pass by the shop with his friends. Then one day he tried one, and has never looked back and now is roadie scum in the making. Backed by unhindered energy and a permanent smile, he’s always looking to help anyone who walks through the doors at THBC. 

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31 Nhat Chieu, Tay Ho
Nhat Tan,  Hanoi

31 - Grand Marina - Ecopark
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Hưng Yên Province


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