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Our advice and recommendations come from experience, and not from the Marketing Departments.  If there’s something we’ve missed out, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email. 

about the staff

Do you guys speak English?

Yes, we have both English as well as Vietnamese speaking staff at the shop during work hours.

We are an expatriate owned business, but are more than committed to serve all residents of Hanoi.

Can I seek help if I don’t know what I’m looking for?

We are more than inclined to help educate beginner cyclists and help them have the best experience out there on the bicycle so you can feel free to ask us any questions you have regarding your next bicycle ride, purchase or upgrade.

Does the staff know about bikes?

We only employ staff that is passionate about bikes and has riding as a part of their lifestyle. This ensures that whoever you may be speaking to in THBC understands your needs and helps you out in the best possible way.

Can I purchase products online?

We do not have an E-commerce platform, however we have a Facebook store with our products listed with prices. You can choose what you want and get in touch with us over email or facebook messenger and we could ship the item to you once payment is done via bank transfer to our bank account. You will be paying for the shipping and we can only ship within Vietnam.  

Can I pay by card?

We accept VISA and Mastercard powered Domestic and International debit and credit cards, but however we have to charge an additional 2.2% service charge on top of your total Retail Value. 

Can I return a product if I don’t like it?

We can only accept returns if the product suffers from a manufacturing defect. However, if you happen to buy the wrong sized kit, we can exchange it for you as long as you keep the label intact. Other accessories can be exchanged for other items if the items are returned with the original packaging. There will be no cash refunds unless the product was defected from manufacture.

What If I want a product that you don’t have in stock?

If we don’t have your preferred color or size of the item in stock, we can check with our distributors regarding availability and lead time and once you agree, a 50% deposit helps us place the order immediately for you.

What can you buy at THBC?

We have a range of Road, Mountain, Triathlon, Touring, Urban and Kids’ bicycles to choose from. Along with that we also stock a vast range of accessories, apparel, spares and energy supplements of Quality brands from across the globe. Basically we try to keep stock of each thing that will help you have a great experience out there riding your bike.

We also stock some running accessories as well as pollution masks.

We also service and repair  all kinds of bicycles and have a professional and fully equipped workshop.


We are genuinely interested in helping fellow cyclists no matter what discipline. Also, we’re always looking to educate the new cyclist. All of our staff has mastered at least one discipline on the bicycle and is a student of all of them.

We offer advise that comes from experience and not marketing campaigns and club that with professional service.

Do you Rent Bicycles?

We used to rent bicycles until May 2018, however unfortunately we do not rent bicycles anymore.

Do you guys organize Bicycle tours?

We do not organize bicycle tours, but do conduct organized bicycle rides. Please follow our “Ride with Us” page for more information and we look forward to riding with you!

What are your opening hours?

We’re open 10am-7pm Tuesday – Sunday. We’re closed on Monday’s since we’re out riding.

about the BICycles

Why should I buy a bicycle from you?<br />

We will work with you to find a bike that suits your riding goals. Whether that bike costs 10,000,000 VND or 500,000,000 VND , you will receive the highest level of service and care. When you buy a bike from us, we provide free mechanical adjustments for the first 5000 kms. When you buy a road or cyclocross bike from us, we provide a free basic fit session at the time of purchase. We will adjust the height, angle, and position of your new bike’s seat and handlebars so that your ride is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

What Brands of Bicycles do you sell?

We are authorized retailers for Trek, Chapter2 Bikes, Orbea, Cervelo and Electra Bicycles.

What kind of Bikes do you sell?

We sell Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Urban/City Bikes, Time Trial Bikes, Touring Bikes and Kids’ bikes.

Do you offer warranty on bicycles you sell?

We offer Free break in tune ups on all bicycles and free service packages depending on the value of the bicycle that you purchase.
All bicycles sold are covered under the respective warranty of the manufacturer and we will help you register your bicycle on the website of the brand in order for your purchase to be eligible for warranty claims.

Free Tune Ups? Tell me more.

When we say we offer “free adjustments” to our customers, here is exactly what we mean: If you have purchased a

new bicycle from Bicycle Roots, you can bring it back to us at any time, and we will perform the following adjustments at no charge:

  • Brake adjustments
  • Gear adjustments
  • Seat position and angle adjustments
  • Cockpit angle adjustments
  • Bolt tightening
  • Chain lubrication

We do not replace parts (such as inner tubes, tires, cables, brake pads, chains, etc.) at no charge. If you need a part replaced, then you will be charged for the part and regular installation charges.

This offer applies only to the original purchaser of the bicycle.

Do you do bike fitting?

We provide basic fit services but we do not have a full-service fit studio yet. During a basic fit session, one of our mechanics will watch you ride on an indoor trainer, while that mechanic makes adjustments or substitutions as needed. We charge 250,000VND only for a 30 minute basic fit session, but if you purchase a road bicycle from us, then the fit session is free.

Do you sell Pre-Owned Bikes?

Yes, however we only sell refurbished pre owned bikes looking for a new home. We also would be willing to help you sell your bikes on consignment. That is we evaluate the condition of the bike and the value of the refurbish. Once refurbished, we show the bike to whoever comes in looking for a pre-owned bike and you get paid the promised value of your old bike minus refurbishing costs.

Do you sell E-Bikes?


about the sERVICES

Do you service/fix bicycles?<br />

Yes. Bike repair is at the heart of our business. We have a full service repair workshop staffed by professional mechanics who are eager to help you with your repair. When you come to us for a repair, you will see that our store has an “open” workshop, where customers can watch our mechanics working and ask them questions. We don’t want to keep any secrets from you and we don’t want bike repair to have a mysterious aura. We’re happy to show you all the tricks of the trade!

Do you Service only bikes purchased at THBC?

We service all kinds of bicycles regardless of where they were purchased from. We have multiple tune up options available to choose from and our team will help recommend the best tune up for you once they physically inspect the bicycle. We sometimes may need upto two weeks to turn your bike around depending on our workshop schedule, however we try to turn bikes around as soon as possible.

Do you Pack Bicycles to ship on airplanes?<br />

Yes, we do offer a “Pack to Ship” service, which includes your bike being washed and given a basic tune up, before packing it in a cardboard box, well padded and protected ready to be shipped.

Can I get instant service if I take my bike in?<br />

We are committed to have you riding back as soon as we can, however, we can only turn around your bike depending on how much work is needed to be done and how many bikes we have on the workstand due that day.

Are replacement parts readily available?<br />

We try to be well stocked in spares and accessories, but it may be possible that the compatible part with your specific bicycle may need time to be sourced and brought into Vietnam if not available locally. Our staff will inform you regarding unavailability or delays in service and we would request your patience.

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