Red River Tour


The Red River tour is perfect for those who aren’t here for long, but would like to see Hanoi in more depth. This tour will guide you past busy metropolitan areas to peaceful cherry blossom fields, which are best seen in Spring (late Jan/February) and onwards to a small island inlet on the Red River; South Asia’s spellbinding river that flows from mainland China and meanders it’s way into Vietnam. The part of the river located in Hanoi’s radius provides locals with opportunities to farm and grow their crops which we can observe on our tour. After crossing the Long Bien bridge you will head down to the banana plantations where you will be astonished with the great contrast of Hanoi’s inner city traffic to it’s peaceful green surroundings.  The tour is open to all ages and audiences; couples, families and singles can all enjoy this ride.

The Tour Guide

Your tour guide is Chao, a friendly local who knows Hanoi in and out. As well as speaking English fluently, she has had plentiful experience cycling around Vietnam on her touring bike in the past 2 years. She has been working at The Hanoi Bicycle Collective for more than 8 months and is committed to providing a fun-filled bike tour around Hanoi for you.


Price: 48$/pax

Duration: 4-5 hours

Level: Beginner


9.00 Meet at the Hanoi Bicycle Collective (THBC): 31 Nhat Chieu, Tay Ho
An amiable bike shop with a panoramic view of the West Lake. You will choose your bikes.

THBC bike shop located on the west side of the lake

9.30 Start riding towards the river
You will begin your tour by cycling along the West Lake.

The panaromic scenes of the lake at noon

10.00 Mystifying shores of the Red River
The tour will take you amongst cherry blossom fields , small scale ceramic vendors, the banks of the Red River and old cemeteries. You will Hanoi in a whole different way! We will have a short break for a local drink.

Cherry Blossom Fields in Winter

11.30 Markets and Long Bien bridge
You will continue your tour riding past bustling markets. Not long afterwards, you will be gifted with a magnificent view of the Long Bien bridge – the symbol of war, love and Hanoi.

Long Bien Bridge

12.00 Island-inlet adventure
You will descend some stairs to a small island in-let.
There will be a short break to stretch and have some water.

Cycling through dense banana farmlands

12.30 Lunch
Relax and enjoy lunch at a local shop (vegetarian options available)

Delicious local food enjoyed wth friends (vegan/vegetarian options available)

1.30 Return to THBC
We will return back to The Hanoi Bicycle Collective (THBC).

Note: Times are approximate and can vary on a rider’s speed, rest time and time taken for photography, etc.


To book your tour, please fill out the contact form below.

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We normally start our tours at 9am but if you would like to book the tour at another preferred time, please include that in the contact form above.

If we do not respond to you in 6 hours, please contact us at our personal email Our website is under construction, so the contact forms are being worked on, and may not be so reliable. The contact forms will be in working condition by mid-January. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Deposit and Cancellation

It is a requirement that a 30% deposit is deposited to THBC to ensure your booking. You will be further informed with the deposit details when you contact us. A cancellation fee applies if you cancel less than 24 hours of the intended tour.


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