A Welcoming History

Back in 2008, Guim Valls Teruel awoke one day with the following statement on his mind: I’m going to tour around the world on an electric bicycle.
On 5th June 2009 he started the EBWT – “Electric Bicycle World Tour” with the aim to cycle the world to promote this means of transportation with less negative impact on the planet, mainly focusing on electric bicycles using renewable energy. Guim believed electric bicycles could bring more people to cycle, and not only did he prove his theory right during his 2 and half years on the road, he himself also experienced the beauty of travelling by bicycle.

He arrived in Vietnam on September 2009, and on his second day in Hanoi he was interviewed by Thuy Anh Nguyen, a VTV6 Vietnam Television journalist. He fell in love, but after 3 weeks of using his Mediterranean flirting skills to seduce her, he kept on cycling, alone… :(

But love is all around, and they kept in contact for a year via the Internet. After cycling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, Guim decided to come back to Vietnam to meet Thuy Anh again. This time he fully succeeded, and 6 months later they started cycling together after an unforgettable wedding in Hanoi.

From Hanoi they cycled all the way to Barcelona, where life granted them a new member of their small cyclist family, born in Hanoi on March 2012: Lola Khanh Ha Valls Nguyen!

After 22.500km on his bicycle, Guim had nothing else on his mind than offering his knowledge and cycling passion to the Hanoi cycling community.

And later on... Little Leo also arrived, so now we are four!

But Guim, Thuy Anh, Lola and Leo are not alone at THBC!

During the EBWT tour, Guim and Thuy Anh cycled through Greece and there they met a crazy Bulgarian called Georgi. He was working for a bicycle shop, and the first thing he said to our couple after he saw Thuy Anh, was: "If you have a sister, I'll move to Vietnam tomorrow!"

Georgi is a mechanic with more than 20 years of experience working in Europe and the US, but he didn't only move for the beauty of this country. Although Guim and Thuy Anh were only there where he was working for three days, they kept in contact and Georgi kept showing his will to experience a different part of the world where he hadn't been before.

With Georgi, you have guaranteed prime bicycle service, as well as a talkative and generous dude, who will for sure do all he can for you.

The Hanoi Bicycle Collective is the consequence of a life project!