Orbea Grow 2


Grow might be a first bike, and it means feeling free. Your kids will love a nice breeze on their face while riding, going out on a bicycle for the first time. Imagine the sense of adventure! And there's nothing like a bicycle to create lasting feelings of independence. We design Grow with all these things in mind. We build these bikes with aluminum frames, like our full-sized bikes, in order to be compact and light. Each frame is adjustable in three directions to accommodate growing bodies. Let them discover freedom.

Price: 7,500,000 VND


  • FRAME - Orbea Grow 20"
  • FORK - Orbea Hi-Ten 20"
  • CRANKSET - Alloy 36t (127)
  • HEADSET - 1-1/8" Semi-Integrated
  • HANDLEBAR - Orbea Alu Riser
  • STEM - Orbea Kid
  • BRAKE LEVERS - Alu V-Brake
  • BRAKES - Alu V-Brake
  • CHAIN - KMC Single-Speed
  • CASSETTE - Orbea 18t
  • WHEELS - Orbea Alu 20"
  • TYRES - Kenda 879 20x1.75
  • PEDALS - Resine BMX
  • SEATPOST - Orbea OC-I 27.2x250mm
  • SADDLE - Velo 7087


Grow System
These bikes grow along with their riders. A simple feature doubles the bike’s average lifespan. This means:

  • Better ergonomic adaptation than traditional bikes (now most kids ride smaller or bigger bikes than they need for a longer time).
  • Lower cost for the buyer (you get a product with a much longer lifespan).
  • Higher component quality (durable products must have quality parts).
  • Lower environmental impact (it benefits all).
  • The GROW frame is made in aluminium for a lighter bike and a quality reflected in the bike’s solid and reliable feel.

The GROW design and components are legally protected.

SuperLight Weight
The light weight of Orbea’s products for little kids and youngsters deliver an amazing usability. Making bicycles for kids and youngsters lighter has very important effects. Why?

  1. Taking the bike and rider together, the former is proportionally larger when the user is a kid, and so it has a stronger influence on the kid's strength.
  2. Every kilogram a bike maker can subtract from a bike’s total weight counts –the lighter the bike, the lower the proportion of its weight in the total. The proportion is even larger in a kid's bike.

If the bike weighs less, it can be handled more easily at a standstill, which is really important for kids to have a nicer experience.

OK's Optimized Kids System
The OKS geometry of the GROW bikes makes our bikes really easy to ride because:

  1. The saddle moves down more than usual, which means more stability and accessibility. Kids can move off easily and stop comfortably and safely.
  2. The lower bottom bracket turns the bike into a much more stable machine when rolling, and the rider can sit in a position that makes the bicycle easier to start and pedalling much smoother.
  3. The shorter cranks allow for a smooth and stable use of the pedals, as riders do not need to bend their knees for a complete pedal cycle.
  4. The large, rounded tubes and a good clearance at the front prevent a bruise or two.
  5. The restricted turning system by Orbea prevents crashes.
  6. The quality aluminium components (special brakes, special grips, etc.) incorporate the best of ergonomics for little kids.

Besides helping kids learn to ride a bike, the OKS system delivers a safer and more stable use. It is for kids who are learning and for those who 'already know' how to ride a bike.

We wanted to make bikes that kids could ride do what they wanted to do, embarking on real adventures ending at dinner time. So we also worked on transmission until we came up with the X1 system, which uses particularly large rear sprockets and a single front dérailleur. This is a simple, light solution.

  1. The larger X1 rear sprocket is better for climbing than the traditional small one
  2. The single dérailleur makes the system easier to use and lighter too

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Orbea Grow 2