Orbea AVANT H50 FLAT - 57


The Avant H50 F is just right for first-timers or those seeking a comfortable, affordable road bike. It uses a flat handlebar, similar to what you’d find on a mountain bike. This helps make it stable and ultra-comfortable. The foundation of the bike is our sturdy hydroformed aluminum Avant frameset. We outfit it here with Shimano Sora 9-speed components to ensure easy, quick shifts from the handlebars. It’s a perfect bike if you love the adventure of a forgotten, back-roads route through the countryside. Have fun.

Price: 24,000,000 VND


  • FRAME - Avant Hydro, hydroformed triple butted aluminum, headset 1-1/8", BB 68mm - BSC English , internal cable routing, 130 OLD, 27,2 mm seat tube
  • CRANKSET - Shimano Sora 30x39x53
  • HEADSET - 1-1/8" Semi-Integrated Aluminium Cup
  • HANDLEBAR - Orbea Flat Alu
  • STEM - Orbea Adjustable
  • SHIFTERS - Shimano Sora
  • BRAKE LEVERS - Shimano Sora Flat
  • BRAKES - Orbea OC-II
  • REAR DERAILLEUR - Shimano Sora
  • FRONT DERAILLEUR - Shimano Sora
  • CHAIN - Shimano HG53
  • CASSETTE - Shimano Sora 12-27 9-Speed
  • WHEELS - Orbea R1800
  • TYRES - Vittoria Zafiro 700x23
  • PEDALS - N/A
  • SEATPOST - Orbea OC-I 27.2x350mm
  • SADDLE - Selle Italia X1


Orbea Aluminium
We carefully select the tubing for each of our alloy frames, and each tube is integrated into a frame with an intended purpose in mind. We manipulate our aluminum tubing in ways to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. We purposefully select tube diameters and wall thickness for each project, and we use hydroforming to create unique shapes. Many of our tubes are butted to reduce the wall thickness, in the middle of the tubes, away from the stress of the joints and the weld zones. This saves unnecessary weight. All of this is required to offer aluminum bikes that exceed your expectations.

Stack & Reach
We based our frame sizing on the concept of stack and reach, developed by Dan Empfield, a pioneer in understanding the height and length of bicycle frames. Stack and reach are important measurements because they define the spatial relationships of two important touch points between your body and the bike – pedals and handlebars. Stack is the vertical distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the headtube at center. Reach is the horizontal distance from the center of the bottom bracket to that same point - the top of the headtube at center. An understanding of stack and reach can explain why many small bikes don’t fit well. There are instances in our market when the smallest sizes do not offer shorter reach measurements and do not bring the head tube (therefore the handlebars) any closer to the rider than the next bigger size. In actuality, the way the bike fits is quite similar to the next bigger size save for a typically shorter stack on the smaller size. How does the manufacturer advertise a full size range then, based on top tube lengths? Changes in seat angle have historically been the answer. For a given reach, a steeper seat tube angle will result in a shorter top tube length. This old way of looking at sizing based on the top tube measurement can ultimately be deceiving. Reach, on the other hand, is a measurement that is unaffected by angular differences in seat tube geometry. What we’re suggesting is an evolution in bike geometry. It's a different way to look at how to design and build bike frames that allows the Avant sizing to follow a more linear size progression. Like the Orca, we’re building the Avant in seven sizes. The goal was to have a bike that can fit riders of any stature. Our unique stack and reach based geometry means easier size selection and ensures an actual progression in sizing and fit, from the smallest size to the largest. Our new road range will span two distinct geometry patterns that allow us to offer different fit styles. These differences address the needs and wants of all cyclists, man or woman, large or small. At Orbea, we know that everyone is different, with different bodily proportions, ranges of flexibility, and intended riding preferences and styles. We are all cyclists, yet we are all individuals. This is why we’re building road bikes with options - to get you fit first and riding comfortably in the end. Of the two geometries, the closer reach / higher stack of the Avant yields a longer head tube and a higher hand position, with the handlebars a bit closer towards the saddle. The Avant offers a just-right blend of comfort and performance for many cyclists. It is a perfect bike for riders with limited flexibility or for those who desire the ability to have a more upright body position for supreme comfort over long distances.

Orbea AVANT H50 FLAT - 57