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The Hanoi Bicycle Collective invites you to our unique bike rental service. Our staff is happy to break down all of the best routes for you to enjoy within central and northern Hanoi- because let’s be honest, the best way to explore Vietnam’s capital is by bike! Observe the daily life and rigour of the local society whilst cruising on your rental.

Why cycle Hanoi?

If you walk outside, there are two main kinds of transport – bike or motorbike. Cars are too big for the narrow streets of Hanoi, and walking takes too long. It is essential that you ride Hanoi at least once! On a bike, you are able to observe more of Hanoi’s beauty and magic. You will develop a deeper understanding of the charismatic city which has built itself up after the futile years of the war by riding past old buildings, museums and attractions of the city. Why not bike from Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum to the Old Quarter much faster than walking 30 minutes through busy traffic? Or if you are looking for a riskier adventure, why not rent a moutain bike or touring bike for a couple of days and take your sights to the suburbs such as Ba Vi National Park, Soc Son Moutain Bike Trail, Thay and Tram Gian Pagoda,…? You will also be equipped with a bike lock, helmet and a child seat if required. A rear rack can be installed onto the bike for a small additional cost.

Where to cycle?

If you are curious about where one cycles in Hanoi, our in-store staff are more than happy to go over some of our favorite routes with you. You can also take a look at the tours we offer here at The Hanoi Bicycle Tour Collective if you are interested in riding alongside a local guide! Go to Tours and Rentals for more details on the array of cycling tours we offer.

What bike is suitable for your next adventure?

City Bike – If you intend to cycle around Hanoi on the road or pavement.

Mountain Bike – If you intend to go off-road, mountain biking, or riding on bumpy, muddy terrain using suspension.

Touring Bike – If you intend to ride a long distance on road and a little off road in mountainous or flat terrain.

What is included in your bike rental?

Bike, bike lock, helmet, child seat (if required), rear rack (20,000VND/day)

Process of renting a bike

  1. Book online, or show up in-store to rent a bike straight away.
  2. When you come in-store, you will complete a contract form.
  3. If you present us with your passport, and you are required to pay half of the deposit*.
  4. If you do not have your passport, you are required to pay the full deposit.
  5. If you have a paper copy of your passport, you are required to pay the half deposit as well.

* The deposit will be issued from your card and this will be refunded back to the customer once the bike is returned. This assures us that the bike will return back to the shop. The deposit values (in VND and USD) are shown in the next section.

Rental Prices

Bike rental prices can vary depending on the model of the bike, and its components (e.g. carbon handlebars).

If you would like to rent our bikes for half a day, that is possible. Under 6 hours, the bike rental price is half price.

Note: USD prices are approximate.

I want to rent a THBC rental bike

To rent one of our bikes, you can reserve a bike by email or simply walk in to our store and hire a bike straight away. Make sure you bring your passport and are aware of approximate deposit values.

Please fill in the contact form below to hire a bike and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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If we do not respond to you in 6 hours, please contact us at our personal email Our website is under construction, so the contact forms are being worked on, and may not be so reliable. The contact forms will be in working condition by mid-January. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Rental Agreement

You will take full responsibility for the bicycle as well as your own riding safety. If the bicycle is stolen while you are renting it, you will pay the value of the equipment as determined by the shop manager. If you are in an accident or damage the bicycle you will be responsible for your own medical expenses as well as paying a compensation in full for any repairs needed to restore the bike to it’s original condition.


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