Guim Valls Teruel

A crazy Spaniard who rode around the world on his electric bicycle, found the love of his life as well as his purpose on the planet and is committed to help others realize the same.

Discipline- Road, Mountain Bike XC, commute

Prateek Singh

The bearded baba who claims to have gained enlightenment (maybe) riding his bike in the Indian Himalayas and preaches of a religion called Bicycles. Always getting people stoked to ride bikes.

Discipline – Mountain Bike XC, All Mountain, Road, commute

Nhat Tran Quang

If it can be mended, he will mend it. The most stylish and crazy bike rider in the crew who also happens to be one of the best man in the business with the tools. He can bleed brakes with a blindfold on.

Discipline – Freeride, Downhill, Touring.


She identifies more with bicycles than she does with other people but she clearly lets go of it all when it comes to packing her belongings into her panniers and setting off for an adventure on her touring bike.

Discipline – Touring, Commute


Traffic in Hanoi can be full of fraught. Add a fixed gear bicycle to that minus brakes, that’s the kind of riding that our apprentice mechanic Giang likes to call his favorite. Balls of steel? Perhaps carbon?

Discipline – Fixed Gear (no brakes)


Also known as the number lady, her love for bicycles only comes from the fact that they can beat cars stuck in traffic during rush hour and that it helps her keep her mathematical brain functioning well.

Discipline – Recreation, Commute


The young Aussie who ventured to Vietnam with her mountain bike in 2018 to live with her dad for a gap year. Embracing new challenges, she is a new intern at THBC and enjoying Hanoi lifestyle and mountain bike trails.

Discipline  – Mountain Biking, Road, Commute