About Us

The Hanoi Bicycle Collective

A Premium Bicycle Retail/Service Outlet in Vietnam to serve to the needs of all disciplines of Bicycle Sports and accessories from Mountain Bikes to Kids bikes and everything in Between with honest and unprecedented bicycle retail and service.

The Hanoi Bicycle Collective is a Rider Owned and Managed Bike shop that caters to all kinds of cycling enthusiasts and to be cyclists by focusing on educating the clients rather than selling.

We educate customers about the products and services which would eventually make their cycling experience much better and then make it available to them conveniently.

THBC advocates a genuine passion for bicycles and utmost respect for anybody on a bicycle.

It is our unparalleled love and knowledge of bicycles which we use to ensure a better cycling experience for you.


Back in 2008, Guim Valls Teruel awoke one day with the following statement on his mind:

“I’m going to tour around the world on an electric assisted bicycle.”

On 5th June 2009 he started the EBWT – “Electric Bicycle World Tour” with the aim to cycle the world to promote this means of transportation with less negative impact on the planet, mainly focusing on electric bicycles using renewable energy. Guim believed electric bicycles could bring more people to cycle, and not only did he prove his theory right during his 2 and half years on the road, he himself also experienced the beauty of travelling by bicycle.

He arrived in Vietnam on September 2009, and on his second day in Hanoi he was interviewed by Thuy Anh Nguyen, a VTV6 Vietnam Television journalist. He fell in love, but after 3 weeks of using his Mediterranean flirting skills to seduce her, he kept going on his cycling expedition, alone…

But love is all around, and they kept in contact for a year via the Internet. After cycling through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, Guim decided to come back to Vietnam to meet Thuy Anh again. This time he fully succeeded, and 6 months later they started cycling together after an unforgettable wedding in Hanoi.

From Hanoi they cycled all the way to Barcelona, where life granted them a new member of their small cyclist family, born in Hanoi on March 2012: Lola Khanh Ha Valls Nguyen!

After 22.500km on his bicycle, Guim had nothing else on his mind than offering his knowledge and cycling passion to the Hanoi cycling community.

And later on… Little Leo also arrived, so now we are four!

But Guim, Thuy Anh, Lola and Leo are not alone at THBC!

During the EBWT tour, Guim and Thuy Anh cycled through many countries and made some unforgettable connections which helped them find Prateek.

A bearded hermit rider from the Indian Himalayas who preaches about bicycles being a religion.

With Prateek, you have guaranteed prime bicycle service and can talk to you for hours about all kinds of bicycles and who will for sure do all he can for you to get you excited to get onto a bike.

The Hanoi Bicycle Collective is the consequence of a life project!


“The Challenge is what keeps me Alive” – Guim Valls Teruel

What do we do?

We are more than just a retail place. THBC is a hub of cycling life, community, bicycle education, social activity, fitness, and a temple of two-wheeled living.

To serve the bicycle community is our job, but to introduce people to a life of unhindered cycling is our mission and our entire team is dedicated to the same.


We believe that strong communities are fundamental to creating a better future. This is why we strive to be a communal space for progressive living. In order to see society improve and grow, we as individuals must take steps every day to live and ride responsibly.

Fun people

Riding bikes is a fun, easy way for everyone to live in a better way. Come to the shop and say hello, we are nice and want to be friends and help to support your cycling adventures however large or small the scale of them.

The bicycle

It’s only taken two hundred years of trial and error to get here.

Two hundred years of innovation and invention, of not giving up.

Complex by design, simple by nature.

The bike is nothing more than circles turning circles.

It’s the human motor that makes it elegant.

But no matter how far the bike has come, no matter how much it can already do, the pushing doesn’t stop. We still haven’t found the edge.

The invention of the bicycle has had an enormous impact on society, both in terms of culture and of advancing modern industrial methods. Several components that eventually played a key role in the development of the automobile were originally invented for the bicycle, including ball bearings, pneumatic tires, chain-driven sprockets, and spoke-tensioned wheels.

Bicycles should no longer be thought of as a recreational toy, but a well-engineered tool.

A tool to help one improve one’s mental and physical health as well as making one the most efficient living creature on the planet.